About Us

Seen is an Emirati platform that gathers different merchants from various categories, like bloggers, home made suppliers and big brands. we make it easy on everyone to get in hand whatever they are looking for all from one platform that's abdsloutly user friendly and allows you to with few simple clicks to find out the best offer, quality and service.

On the other hand the merchants will gain a very wide base of customers through our platform that will make them earn, enjoy get reviews and gain followers. they will be even blessed by choosing their best option of payment for subscribing as well as having the option to get any of our featured and marketing plans to win more customer access.

Our Team

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Our Features

How It Works

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    Take a picture

    Easily take a picture or upload your card

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    Share and Explore

    Watch as others like, comment, and put in offers on your cards. View others' collections and grow your own.

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    Post to your binder/shop

    Enter in card details and hit the post button to add to your binder/shop and update all your followers.

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    Message with your community

    Message groups of your community, sports teams, collection types, and areas!